The Rutles Photo Gallery

Rutles Album Covers and Picture Sleeves

mtr.jpg - The cover of the Rutles' very first LP on Parlourphone, Meet The Rutles, PMC 1202 (mono) and PCS 3042 (stereo), released March 22, 1963. (32k)

hmh.jpg - The rare original picture sleeve of Hold My Hand/Number One, the Rutles' first single released in the U.S. on Capatol Records, Capatol 5112, released December 26, 1963. (47k)

ahdr.jpg - The cover of the Parlourphone LP A Hard Day's Rut, PCS-3058, released July 10, 1964. (97k)

ouch.jpg - The cover of the Parlourphone LP Ouch!, PCS-3071, released August 6, 1965. (70k)

srodcb.jpg - The cover of the Parlourphone LP Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band, PCS-7027, released June 1, 1967. (66k)

tht.jpg - The cover of the Parlourphone LP Tragical History Tour, PCTC-255, first released in the U.S. on November 27, 1967. Issued originally in the UK as an EP, SMMT-1. (111k)

sr.jpg - The cover of the Shabby Road LP, PCS-7088 on the Rutles Corps label, released September 26, 1969. This album was also released later pressed in shabby greyish vinyl. (94k)

lir.jpg - The cover of the Let It Rot album/movie/law-suit, PXS-1 on the Rutles Corps label, released May 8, 1970. (45k)

Other Rutlistic Pics

button.jpg - An artifact of Rutlemania, this is an I Love The Rutles pin-back button from 1965. (19k)

cavern.jpg - A photo of the Rutles performing at The Cavern Club, October 1961. (96k)

goys.jpg - The cover of Leggy Mountbatten's book A Cellerful Of Goys which is about his experiences as the Rutles' manager. (15k)

leather.jpg - A picture of the Rutles before their first trip to Hamburg, including Leppo, the original fifth Rutle. (77k)

leggy.jpg - A picture of the Rutles' manager, Leggy Mountbatten, on the site of the live worldwide TV broadcast of Love Life in 1967. (23k)

myronnie.jpg - A picture of the very rare promotional 45 of My Ronnie by "Tony Sheridan and the Rut Brothers", recorded by the Rutles (with Leppo and before Barry) while they were in Hamburg in June, 1961. (23k)

rcorps.jpg - A photo of Nasty and Dirk in New York in 1968, announcing the formation of Rutle Corps. (35k)

rooftop.jpg - A photo taken at the Rutles rooftop concert for the Let It Rot album/movie/law suit. (73k)

ruddles.jpg - The origin of the group's name, a label from a bottle of Nasty's favorite beer, Ruddles County English Ale, brewed in Rutland. Nasty was drinking this beer when Dirk bumped into him on the first day they met. (23k)

rutland.jpg - The cover of the Rutland May 1960 CD, one of the many releases of the recordings of the Rutles made in Hamburg prior to being signed with Parlorphone. (35k)

rutles.jpg - The original colour photo of The Rutles that was used in black and white on the Hold My Hand picture sleeve. It includes the cigarette in Dirk's hand, which was later air-brushed out by Capatol Records. (45k)

sr_full.jpg - The original uncropped photo of the Rutles used on the cover of the Shabby Road album, taken outside Rutle Corps headquarters in London. (61k)

srt.gif - The cover of a bootleg CD called Sweet Rutle Tracks, containing early live rehearsal performances by the Rutles. (50k)

tea.jpg - A photo of the Rutles in their Sgt. Rutter's uniforms, holding their controversial cups of tea. (90k)

tvguide.gif - A copy of the listing in TV Guide for the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964, the Rutles' first live appearance on American television. (15k)

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