The Rutland Times
Vol 1 Issue 2 July 27, 1996

The Rutles Archaeology Tapes To Be Released

[Virgin Records - Los Angeles, July 27, 1996 - For Immediate Release]

The most legendary band in music history - The Rutles - are to release an album of vintage, previously unreleased material. The album, to be titled Archaeology, will be issued worldwide on October 29 by Virgin Records. It will be the first album of new material from the group in a very, very, very long time.

Unlike many albums of historic recordings, which contain only outtakes and alternative versions of familiar songs, The Rutles album will consist of entirely fresh material.

The recordings are drawn from the album the band was working on when they broke up amid squabbles and lawsuits. The project was abandoned and the master tapes were buried. Literally.

As was widely reported at the time, all of the tapes were placed in a time capsule and buried in a secret location. Announcing that action, a spokesman for The Rutles stated that this was "to thwart bootleggers. And tax authorities." Furthermore, the capsule would "stay buried for a thousand years." He added that the album wouldn't be released unless it was "...discovered by archaeologists or whoever digs these things up." This led to Rutles fans dubbing the interred recordings "the Archaeology tapes".

Asked why the legendary tapes have been dug up by The Rutles themselves, a mere 26 years later, Rutles member Ron Nasty stated simply, "Things change." All further queries have been referred to the band's accountants.

The Rutles Archaeology will be the first release of any Rutles material since their greatest hits compilation All You Need Is Cash, released in 1978 by Warner Brothers Records. That album and its CD reissue in 1991 by Rhino Records, has been an outstanding seller.

The new Archaeology album comes at a time when interest in The Rutles is at an all-time high. Major universities (mostly in Southern California) are offering credited courses of Rutles study. Elsewhere on the Internet, message traffic on the newsgroup has never been higher, and many of today's hottest bands, including Oasis, Pulp, Blur, Smashing Pumpkins, Gin Blossoms, Soul Asylum, and the Banana Splits cite The Rutles as a major influence.

The album will contain at least 12 songs. Titles announced so far include: "Major Happy's Up & Coming Once Upon A Good Time Band," "We've Arrived! (And To Prove It We're Here)" and "Knicker Elastic King." The full track listing will be announced shortly.

[end of press release]

Some rumors not addressed in The Rutles announcement above is whether the band will reunite to record any new tracks to augment the Archaeology tapes, or whether they will perform live again. Apart from their famous rooftop concert, seen in the Let It Rot film/album/lawsuit (parts of which can also be seen in the All You Need Is Cash documentary), the Pre-Fab Four have not given a public performance since 1966.

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