The Rutland Times
Vol 1 Issue 1 July 14, 1996

Big Announcement At Los Angeles Rutlefest

Finally! The news Rutles fans have been waiting 25 years for!

It was announced yesterday at the annual Los Angeles Rutlefest, among many rumors and whisperings in the corners, that there is some new and/or unreleased Rutles music which might be coming out in some form real soon!

Saturday night, the host of the Rutlefest, TV writer and producer, and long time Rutles associate Jerry Dean, announced that there might be some new Rutles music on the horizon, and actually played one of the songs for the audience!

The song was not totally unknown to the audience. The song is called Shangri-La, and was one of the songs that Nasty played in his 1977 appearance on Saturday Night Live. This same song also appears in a crude demo form on some Ron Nasty bootlegs. However, the version played at the Rutlefest was a totally produced, never-before-heard studio version.

Also, in the program for the Rutlefest, given to all participants, was a full page ad for something called "The Rutles Archaeology", with the caption "Dig It Soon", and Rutles Achaeology pins were also given out. No more details are known about this, however. Watch this Rutles News page for more details as they become available!

20th Annual Los Angeles Rutlefest A Big Hit

The Los Angeles 20th Anniversary Rutlefest '96 was held this weekend. Over 3000 Rutles fans, most wearing Rutles T-Shirts, some in full Sgt. Rutter's regalia, showed up at the Los Angeles Airport Sheraton Hotel. Unfortunately, the Rutlefest was at the Marriott.

Many interesting exhibits of Rutles art and memorabilia were featured, and the Rutles Movies A Hard Day's Rut, Ouch! and Yellow Submarine Sandwich were shown, along with other Rutles music videos. There were Rutles sing-a-longs, and a booth where you could have your picture taken with card-board cut-outs of the Rutles (well, we think Stig was a cardboard cut-out, but he's so quiet it's hard to tell).

Later in the evening, the wonderful Rutles sound-alike band called Rutland played all the favorite Rutles hits, as enthusiastic fans clapped and sang along and danced in the aisles to such songs as Hold My Hand and I Must Be In Love, and exciting recreations of their later hits like Piggy In The Middle and Cheese And Onions.

A splendid time was had by all!

The next Rutlefest is planned for the Thanksgiving weekend in San Francisco at the San Francisco Airport Hyatt Regency.

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